Tradition Doesn't Graduate


7/12/09 - A young PMW team battles through the Stellar Construction "Catch a Rising Star" Tournament - reach the round of 12 before bowing out to Harrisburg High School on Sunday afternoon.



Pocono Mtn. West              
P'Burg 60-36
Kyle Hash
Andy Nesmith 10pts

  N'Western 57-45  Northwestern          
Northwestern Kevin Oxley 18pts            
N'Western 44-35
Loser to B
Wyoming Valley West  N'Western            
    Parkland 51-36  Parkland        
Notre Dame GP   N Miller 18pts          
Notre Dame GP 41-28 Andy Kohler 12pts  
Notre Dame GP
  Parkland 52-45            
Parkland Nick Miller 19pts  Parkland  Parkland 53-44        
Parkland 49-35
Nick Miller 15pts
   P Pammer 13pts        
Monsignor Bonner  Parkland            
Emmaus 40-37
Tony Palencar 9pts
  Emmaus 47-46  Emmaus          
Catasauqua Bob Campbell 11pts            
Dieruff 60-43
Seth Stoudt 15pts
Dieruff  Dieruff            
    Emmaus 47-44          
Notre Dame ES   B Campbell 19pts  Emmaus        
Notre Dame ES 44-39 Steve Lepre 17pts  
Notre Dame ES
E. Stroudsburg S.              
Chambersburg    Chambersburg          
Chambersburg 43-38
Skyler Roman 10pts
Saucon Valley  Chambersburg            
        Parkland 66-46      
Reading CC       P Pammer 23pts      
Reading CC 49-22
D, Jack / J Rys 11pts ea
Reading CC
Wm. Allen JV              
  Reading CCHS 37-32  Reading CCHS          
Northampton 47-41
Brian Stevko 15pts
Northampton  Northampton            
       Wilson West Lawn        
Pleasant Valley              
Wilson West Lawn 60-25
Good 24pts
Wilson West Lawn
Wilson West Lawn    Wilson West Lawn 48-21          
  Wilson West Lawn 66-36            
York Suburban Beck 18pts  Wilson West Lawn  Wilson West Lawn 44-30        
York Suburban 49-35
Kevin Donahue 18pts
     T Beck 12pts        
Beth. Catholic  York Suburban            
                  ff  Parkland
Warren Hills        Wilson West Lawn   N Miller 15pts  
Warren Hills 47-37
S. Ogedegge
O. Goldson 15pts ea.

Warren Hills
N. Lehigh              
  Warren Hills 48-28  Warren Hills          Parkland

Perkiomen Valley
Ordel Goldson 19pts          


Perkiomen Valley 50-41 Ryan Davis 18pts              
Octarora  Perkiomen Valley            
    Harrisburg 38-37       Sun 5:30 PM  
Harrisburg   S. Arp 13pts  Harrisburg      ff (if necessary)
Harrisburg 55-22
S. Arp / B Taylor 10pts ea.

Wilson Warriors              
  Harrisburg 51-13            
Coatsville J. Fitzpatrick 10pts  Harrisburg          
Faith Christian 2-0 Forfeit  
Faith Christian  Faith Christian            




            ee Wilson West Lawn      




        cc  Harrisburg           




    Y  Chambersburg          Sunday    


                5:30 PM    


      Pocono Mtn W 50-46              


Q   Northampton   Q Brice 17pts Pocono Mtn West Harrisburg 47-35 Harrisburg        
A Pocono Mtn West Pocono Mtn West 41-30
Gary Scott 9pts

Pocono Mtn West
    B Taylor 13pts          


Pocono Mtn West
J. Bryant 21pts
Pocono Mtn West
B Wyoming Valley W.    Pocono Mtn West 38-33         Wilson West Lawn 43-34
T Beck 11pts

Wm Allen v. Parkland


R  York Suburban k Scott 15pts  Pocono Mtn West Pocono Mtn W 57-25            
C Bangor  Monsignor 52-44  Monsignor Bonner    Q Brice 11pts            


Monsignor 60-38
Scott Slade 13pts
 Ryan Wellman 14pts
   Pocono Mtn West          
D Monsignor Bonner  Monsignor Bonner                  





S  Perkiomen Valley   Faith Christian 45-36              
E Exeter  Exeter 49-23  Exeter B Bolton 14pts  Faiith Christian            


Exeter 47-30
Matt Sieffert 12pts
 B. Savidge 11pts
          Warren Hills      
F Catasauqua   Faith Christian 59-52                


T  Faith Christian    Faith Christian     Warren Hills 31-30        
G E. Stroudsburg S.  Faith Christian 48-43
L Stenart12pts
Faith Christian
      O Goldson 14pts        


   Saucon Valley     dd  Emmaus          
H Saucon Valley                    


    aa  Warren Hills              






U  Phillipsburg   Warren Hills 43-24  Warren Hills Warren Hills 41-39 Warren Hills        
I Wm Allen JV  Phillipsburg 37-29  Phillipsburg O Goldson 24pts   O Goldson 23pts          


Allen JV 40-39
T. Flood 12pts
 Kyle Hash 11pts
Allen JV
J Wyomissing   Notre Dame GP                


V  Notre Dame GP A Kohler 15pts  Notre Dame GP Warren Hills 36-33            
K Pleasant Valley  Notre Dame GP 52-40      S Ogedegbe
O Goldson 9pts ea


 Becahi 51-39
Al Blount 16pts
 J Giangiobbe 18pts
 Notre Dame GP      Warren Hills          
L     bb  Reading CCHS              






W  Dieruff   Reading CC 46-42              
M N. Lehigh  N. Lehigh 63-36
Jordan Waylen 16pts
N. Lehigh
D> Jack 13pts  Reading CC            


 N. Lehigh by forfeit  N. Lehigh                  
N Octarora   N. Lehigh 51-31                


X  Notre Dame ES J Waylen 29pts  N. Lehigh              
O Wilson Warriors  Notre Dame ES 44-32                  


 Sat 9 AM  Tim Mullen 15pts  Notre Dame ES                
P    Wilson Warriors                  


 Coatsville (foreit)      

Pocono Mountain West gets school district's first victory in state basketball playoffs
Pocono Mountain West's Phil Leyro, right, drives past Abington Heights' Kurt Medigros during their state playoff game on Saturday at Carbondale.JASON FARMER Photo
Joe Miegoc

Panthers claim second title in three years
Pocono Mountain West's Kyrell Scott, left, goes up for a shot past Pocono Mountain East's Matt Herman during the fourth quarter of a Panthers 53-45 win to capture the Mountain Valley Conference Championship at Pocono Mountain West High School on Friday.MARK A. GENITO/Pocono Record
Joe Miegoc

Mangual offers a little of everything

PM West senior guard causes headaches by scoring, defending and always wanting to play

Pocono Mountain West senior guard Jon Mangual has the Panthers off to a 9-3 start this year. Last season Mangual was named the Mountain Valley Conference's MVP along with being a first-team All-MVC and Pocono Record All-Area choice for the conference champion Panthers.Keith R. Stevenson/Pocono Record
Joe Miegoc

PM West wraps up another MVC boys hoops title
Pocono Mountain East's Kyheim Hall (25) and Pocono Mountain West's Phil Leyro (42) battle for possession of the ball Tuesday night. West crushed East, 80-52.MELISSA EVANKO/Pocono Record
Joe Miegoc

New faces, same result

Panthers on road to the top
Pocono Mountain West basketball coach Brad Pensyl, center, with players, from left, soph center Zach Lucas, junior guard Phil Leyro (sitting), senior forward Romond Vines (standing), sophomore point guard kyrell scott, and junior guard Jon Mangual.MARK A. GENITO/Pocono Record
Joe Miegoc

East's Pfaff, West's Smalls MVPs

Staff reports

The Pocono Mountain School district had a clean sweep of the Mountain Valley Conference basketball MVP awards this week. Pocono Mountain East's Justine Pfaff captured the girls award and Pocono Mountain West's Jovan Smalls won the boys trophy.

The girls first team also included Steph Merlo, of Pocono Mountain East. Pleasant Valley's Rebori sisters, Kelly and Christine, made the team as well as Stroudsburg's Charisse Johnson and Kara Borel.

No school had more than one boy named to the first team. Daniel Miller was Lehighton's only first team selection. East Stroudsburg North and South were represented by Everett Alers and Kevin Reese respectively. Pleasant Valley's Matt Gould also made the top team.

Editor's note: These teams have been selected by the coaches of the MVC.


First team

MVP — Jovan Smalls, Pocono Mountain West.

Daniel Miller, Lehighton.

Matt Gould, Pleasant Valley.

Everett Alers, East Stroudsburg North.

Kevin Reese, East Stroudsburg South.

Second team

Leroy Azubuike, East Stroudsburg South.

Rigoberto Sargeant, Stroudsburg.

Wally Bravo, Pocono Mountain East.

Brad Ryals, Pleasant Valley.

Cesar Garcia, Pocono Mountain West.

Honorable mention

Raymond Lenhart, Lehighton.

Mark Webb, East Stroudsburg South.

Anthony Phipps, Pocono Mountain West.

Smalls fills tall order

Record Sports Writer

When starting up the first-year boys basketball program at Pocono Mountain West, coach Brad Pensyl knew it was paramount to find a scoring threat, a stingy defender and a team leader.

One player emerged to fill all three voids.

After spending two seasons in the shadows, senior guard Jovan Smalls stepped into the spotlight and led the fledgling Panthers to a 20-win season.

Today Smalls is named the Pocono Record Boys Basketball Player of the Year for his accomplishments on the hardcourt.

The 5-foot-9 point guard spent the better part of two seasons setting up Adam Gonzalez, Pocono Mountain's all-time scoring leader. But Smalls was thrust into a new role this season after Gonzalez graduated and the district split into two high schools.

"This year I put him in a position where I made him score, but he's a true point guard. And there wasn't a better point guard in the Lehigh Valley," Pensyl said. "There wasn't a guard in the entire Lehigh Valley who could guard him off the dribble or was quicker than him."

Smalls blossomed into one of the area's most explosive all-around players this season. He led the Panthers in scoring (16.4 points per game), 3-pointers, assists and steals.

"The year before I had to play the role of passing, but this year coach told me to run the offense and to play the role of scoring," Smalls said. "I had to turn it up, but it wasn't too much of an adjustment because I had been playing the role of scoring before I moved to the Poconos."

Smalls, who moved into the area from New York in ninth grade, topped the 20-point mark in seven games this season, including a career-high 31 points in a 62-58 win over Dallas in the fourth game of the season.

Smalls' tough defense was directly responsible for the majority of his offensive output.

"Coach told me last year that one of the things I slacked on was defense and he told me to work on it over the summer," Smalls said. "And this year it opened up more scoring opportunities for me."

The lightning-quick guard consistently jump-started the Panthers' energetic offense with a steal on defense.

"He didn't shoot the ball real well, but he was extremely quick," Pensyl said. "He's very good at getting into the seams and breaking people down. He broke defenses down and he played pretty good defense. With the kind of defense we play, the guy at the top of the defense is very key. I had to have him up at the top."

Smalls' offensive and defensive contributions were crucial, but perhaps even more valuable was how he provided valuable leadership to a predominantly young, inexperienced team.

"I think the biggest part was, with some of the younger guards we had playing against him made them better. That's a sign of a good player," Pensyl said. "He was our leader. I thought more importantly was how he handled himself off the court and in school. He set a good example, he's the kind of kid most coaches would want on their team."

Pensyl thinks his star guard can make an impact at the next level as well.

"I think his better days are ahead of him," Pensyl said. "He's going to go to junior college, he's got some people looking at him. I think if he gets into the right program, he could do really well."

Smalls said he's open to the possibility of reuniting with Gonzalez at Lackawanna College.

"It crosses my mind, the chemistry would be good, but I also have to think about myself and my future," Smalls said. "I'm looking to play at junior college for two years, and then hopefully step up to bigger and better things."

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